Just how important is sex anyway? And why?

Just how important is sex anyway? And why? Something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is just how important to me, is having sex, anyway. And I believe that there certainly is a level of importance to having a happy, healthy, satisfying sex life. I’ve always been curious though, what it is about sex that makes it so important. Is it the orgasms? Sure they can be different, however, you can get orgasms through masturbation.

I think a lot of it has to do with feeling desired. Our sense of how desirable we are is very wrapped up in whether or not someone will have sex with us. Regardless if that is “right” or not, but it certainly makes sense. However, our sense of being desired is so very tied up with our self worth that it can really negatively affect us.

There is also the sheer pleasure of it. Sex is supposed to feel good, and for the most part it really does feel damn good! I mean…orgasms are heavenly, building up to the orgasm is heavenly! It’s all just wonderful and yummy and good feeling!!

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