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Brandie Recommends:
Dr. Sadie's Books - As Seen on Tyra
Enjoy an entire lifetime of sexual enrichment for the cost of a couple of cocktails!
  • Fully illustrated to guide you. Over 100 tasteful point-n-play illustrations help you visualize your exciting new moves together
  • Easy and fun to read. You’ll feel inspired by Dr. Sadie’s conversational style and hands-on encouragement
  • Filled with secret touches. You’ll explore all the strokes, squeezes and sensations your lover wants (but isn’t telling you)
  • She’ll start coming like crazy. Many of Dr. Sadie’s tips are designed to ignite the woman’s orgasms—including the wild and elusive during intercourse orgasm
  • You and your lover are invited. Come discover how to reposition your bodies together for the most satisfying, fulfilling, mind-blowing lovemaking ever!
Ride 'em Cowgirl Tickle Your Fancy Tickle His Pickle Toygasms
As America's Pleasure Coach, that's my job— to bring greater pleasure to all who seek it. That's why I'm glad you're here. I've got a lifetime of erotic secrets I want to share with you. Secrets of touch. Secrets of technique. But most of all, secrets of the mind that unlock the pleasures of the body. Your lover's. And your own. - Dr. Sadie Allison ticklekitty logo
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